The three hearts for proposal

This is about proposal, and all stages leading up to it.

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Before proposal

For a Mii to propose, they need to have a Sweetheart. Usually when they propose, their relationship stage will most likely range from "Totally in love" to "Let's get married!". You'll see the heart coming from their window, and when you go into their apartment and click on it, they'll say they want to propose and ask you if you think they should. If you say yes, they'll ask you where they should propose, either the train station, a fancy restaurant, a fireworks show, or the amusement park. Upon choosing they'll ask if they should change their clothes. Once you answer yes or no and possibly change their clothes, they'll tell you to tell them when their sweetheart is thinking about them.


You start with three hearts. When the sweetheart is thinking about the Mii who's proposing, you click the heart at the bottom screen to tell the Mii that their sweetheart is thinking about them. They'll then say something romantic, and your hearts will increase in size. If you click at the wrong time, when the sweetheart is thinking about someone or something else, they'll say something about them or that, and interrupt the Mii trying to speak. If they're not thinking about anything, a sound effect relating to the place of the proposal will sound and interrupt the Mii speaking. One of your hearts will break, and you'll only have two hearts left, and so on and so forth. If you break all three hearts before the Mii proposes, the proposal fails and they'll remain sweethearts. If you succeed, at the bottom of the screen you'll have a button to clap, and they'll get married.

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