You can give items to Miis once they level up. Here's what they can do and what they are.

Gifts (Items)Edit

Note: Each gift given to a mii has a description. This list does show them.

Ballet manual

Become a graceful ballet dancer in no time flat. Who needs years of training?

Baseball Bat

Swing, batter, swing! Practice for the majors, or just have fun with friends.

Beauty Kit

You're already beautiful, but it's still fun to get dolled up sometimes.


The knowledge in this book can be in your brain if you read it.

Bubble blower

A big bottle of bubble-making juice. The pink bear makes it even more fun.


Not as cool as a record, but at least it's packed full of classic jams.

Cell phone

A super smarthphone that lets you call people and...make calls. And stuff.

Fishing pole

Catch a big fish, or maybe even Nessie, with this top-quality fishing rod.

Golf club

Fore! No, I mean four. That's how many vases you'll probably break.


A gorgeous rosewood acoustic guitar with a bright, bold tone.

Hula-dancing manual

Feel like you're always on a tropical vacation by mastering the art of hula.


Kite flying is the ultimate leisure sport. Unless there's no wind, of course.


This laptop is the latest, trendiest model on the market. For now. Sigh.


What this party needs is more maracas. Take the initiative and start shaking!

Metal detector

Keep your metal detector with you all of the time. Buried treasure awaits!


A full-length mirror so you can admire yourself. Aren't you the coolest?!

Nintendo 3DS XL

A fun 3D-game system with big, juicy screens. Maybe you're playing on one?

Punching bag

You sting like a tiger and have the eye of the bee. Or something like that.

Rent-a-cat coupon

Cute cats are good for your health. Use this to have an occasional kitty visitor.

Rent-a-dog coupon

Just TRY to be sad with a cute little puppy romping around your apartment.


Numbers aren't everything, but use this to stay on track with your health goals.


Nothing's cooler than skateboarding. Seriously. How high can you ollie?

Soccer ball

Playing soccer inside isn't the best idea...but oh well. Go for the goal!

Study Kit

Study like a pro with this handy kit. No more all-nighters!

Tennis racket

Sort of useless without a partner, but you can at least practice your swing.


Run a marathon without leaving the comfort of home. Give it your all!

Wii U

That second screen offers endless possibilities for home-console fun.

Yoga manual

Learn the ancient art of yoga for health, happiness, and stretchability.


Ballet Manual - Miis can be seen doing ballet.

Baseball bat - Miis will play baseball on the Observation Tower.

Beauty Kit - Miis will out on makeup, changing their appearance.

Book - Miis can be seen reading.

Bubble blower - the mii will blow bubbles outside.

CD - the mii will listen to music (on an orange stereo).

Cell phone - the mii will talk on the phone.

Fishing pole - the mii can be seen fishing on the beach.

Golf club - on the Observation Tower, the mii can be seen playing golf.

Guitar - The mii will be seen playing the guitar either indoors or at the fountain.

Hula-dancing manual - the mii can be seen hula dancing in their apartment.

Kite - the mii can be seen flying their kite out on the beach.

Laptop - the mii can be seen on the computer.

Maracas - the mii can be seen playing the maracas.

Metal detector - the mii can be seen looking for buried treasure.

Mirror - the mii can be seen admiring themselves and changing outfits.

Nintendo 3DS XL - Miis can be seen playing their 3DS, sometimes on multiplayer.

Punching bag - miis will be seen kicking and punching the punching bag.

Rent-a-cat coupon - miis will have a kitty visitor and sometimes show a neighbor.

Rent-a-dog coupon - miis will have a puppy visitor and sometimes show a neighbor.

Scale - Miis will check their weight.

Skateboard - Miis can be seen doing tricks on the Observation Tower.

Soccer ball - Miis can be seen kicking the ball around outside.

Study kit - miis can be seen studying.

Tennis racket - miis can be seen hitting a ball against a wall outside.

Treadmii - Miis can be seen running on the treadmill.

Wii U - Miis can be seen playing it, sometimes with neighbors.

Yoga manual - miis can be seen doing yoga.

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