Food is something you can give to a mii. It is something that they can ask for, or that you can give them. There are four different categories of food items. Some food items are only available at certain times.

Main Dishes

Main dishes are in the section on the far left. There are 43 food items in this category.

Name # $ Description
Barbecue 1 $15.00 Grilled meat galore with a side of peppers and corn on the cob.
Buffalo Wings 2 $8.50 No buffalo here--just your standard chicken wings with superspicy sauce.
Cheeseburger 3 $6.50 A boatload of ingredients stuffed into a toasty sesame-seed bun. Open wide!
Chicken Pot Pie 4 $7.80 Fill a flaky pie crust with chicken and gravy, and you get this. Evil or genius?
Creamy Stew 5 $6.80 This stew has been stewing for hours. So rich, you'll feel like a king.
Filet Mignon 6 $50.00 You've no doubt heard how savory filet mignon is. Experience it for yourself.
Fish Cakes 7 $7.80 Battered fish-and-potato patties, fried until unrecognizable.
Fish Sticks 8 $8.20 Crispy stickes of fish perfectly sized for dipping into your favorite sauce.
Fried Chicken 9 $4.50 Fried until golden, and then fried a little more. You can't resist the crisp.
Gratin 10 $9.80 Cheesy macaroni gratin with a savory baked surface. Don't burn your mouth!
Gyro 11 $5.90 Also called shawarma or doner kebab. It's basically just meat in flatbread.
Herring 12 $4.50 Straight from the ocean to you. It's not red, which is probably a good thing.
Lasanga 13 $6.50 Homemade lasanga is the best kind of lasanga. Get it while it's hot!
Lobster 14 $16.00 Impress your dinner guests by treating them to a luxrious lobster meal.
Loco Moco 15 $7.80 A Hawaiian dish with a meat patty, gravy, and a fried egg on white rice.
Meatballs 16 $5.00 Something important is missing here. Hold up...where's the pasta?!
Nachos 17 $7.80 Crispy tortilla chips topped with pico de gallo, cheese, and jalapenos.
Paella 18 $8.80 Say "yellow" to the ocean's finest, served with appetizing saffrom rice.
Panini 19 $5.50 A very long sandwich stuffed with meat and toasted to perfection.
Pasta Pesto 20 $7.30 Pasta, parmesan, and pine nuts got married. This is their beautiful baby.
Pecking Duck 21 $30.00 Crispy roasted duck served with savory pancakes and a tangy hoisin sauce.
Pork Cutlet 22 $8.00 A thin cut of pork, boiled and savory. Silverware is optional, but a good idea.
Pot-au-feu 23 $7.00 Beef stew with carrots and celery. French home cooking at its finest.
Ramen 24 $9.90 Japanese noodles with pork, egg, and seaweed. Have fun slurping that soup.
Roast Beef 25 $15.00 Thick slabs of savory roast beef just begging to be made into a sandwich.
Roast Chicken 26 $20.00 A plump, roasted chicken resting on a bed of Yukon Gold potatoes.
Roast Turkey 27 $33.00 This big bird took days to roast. Serve with stuffing, and let the holiday begin.
Ruined Meal 28 $0.20

Somebody's a bad cook. Or has a sick sense of humor. Or doesn't like you.

Salisbury Steak 29 $9.90 Basically a hamburger without the bun. Calling it a steak makes it fancier.
Salmon Meuniere 30 $11.00 This fish was soaked in blissful, buttery sauce, coated in flour, and pan fried.
Sashimi 31 $12.80 The best part of sashimi: no cooking required. Eating without heating FTW!
Schnitzel 32 $13.00 Tenderized, boneless meat, fried until crispy. Guten to the last bite.
Space Food 33 $20.00 Step 1: Eat space food. Step 2: Go to space. At least step 1 is easy!
Spaghetti 34 $7.80 Pasta with ground beef and tomato sauce. Can't argue with the classics!
Spaghetti Peperoncino 35 $7.80 Spaghetti with olive oil, fresh garlic, and red chili peppers for a fiery kick.
Squid-Ink Spaghetti 36 $7.80 It's not burned--it's blackened with ink. Hope you brought your toothbrush.
Steak 37 $15.90 A thick, fatty hunk of beef to gnaw on. Worry not--the veggies are for garnish.
Stewed Beef 38 $8.80 Slow-cooked for three whole days. So savory, it's for sure worth the wait.
Stuffed Cabbage Roll 39 $7.00 There's only one way to find out what fillings are hiding beneath the cabbage.
Sushi 40 $19.90 Prepared by Food Mart's sushi master. One is never enough. Neither is twenty.
Sweet-an-sour pork 41 $7.80 Much like life, it's both sweet and sour. Unlike life, it comes with extra sauce.
Tempura 42 $8.80 It's healthy because it's vegetables...right? Yeah, let's go with that theory.
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